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What’s my size?

As we stay in a precocious environment the crazy idea, fashion and ICT: (information & communications technology) where do these paths intersect? Technology continues to move at pace within our industry. But there are no machines yet able to attend our bookings or take our fittings or even to make a bespoke suit entirely by themselves. There are certainly techniques that we embrace. Drawing patterns is done digitally, saving a lot of time, the “cutting” of your garment can already be done with a machine.


Smartphone body scanning creates a highly accurate 3D avatar and derives 50+ body measurements making Made-To-Measure globally scalable.

Measure my measurements online

How exactly does that work? Put very simply: we need two photos of you, one from the front view, one from the side. The data provides us with more than enough information to make a nice 3D animation of you from which we can get almost all (more than 45 measuring points) sizes that we need to make the perfect fitted, jacket, trouser, or shirt. We will of course always have our tailors’ eye to see if the system executes the way it’s supposed too.

The 2m society

As we leave the current crisis or pandemic behind us, our world may look very different, our Prime Minister continually talks about social distancing. With those 1 or 2 meters it becomes very difficult for us to take your measurements correctly. We are delighted to have found a piece of technology for that. We believe we have the right partner in Swiss company Meepl.

Your personal garment

Will 3D now replace personal shopping? No definitely not! It just helps us a lot; we can take measurements in a very safe way and check them; you can even do this at home on the couch. We store your data securely, if you approve, and we also only use it for your perfectly fitted, jacket, trouser, or shirts, etc. If you also want to feel the fabrics, then we can send you swatches to the comfort of your home or office.

Get Started now and send us your measurements VIa the form below!

  • – Download the Meepl app via the Button
    – Follow the instructions for the photo in the app
    – Take pictures in tight-fitting clothes on a white
    background (preferred) with good light for best results
    – The measurements are taken
    – Click on “store” under the animation
    – Create an account (we do nothing with your email address)
    – On this page you scan the QR code
    – We store all your sizes in your customer card /
    – Simply fill out the form and send
Charlotte Stiffell
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